Artist Books…

Hey Boo! So I have recently started a new topic in college (Artists Books) and once we started to look into it and find stuff out, I started to get really excited and inspired for the assignment, I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to get an assignment hahaha.

We started to look at book as more than just objects that we flip through or read, we saw what different artists and previous students have done, and I really like the fact that the brief was left quite broad, meaning our imaginations were left to run wild and free. We then got given books from the library to give us ideas of what we could do.

But one of my favorite things was when we got a lesson where we got given old books and we could just do as we pleased with them, we got given plaster, wax, paint and we also had access to things like thread and nails etc.
It was fun to get let your imagination free on this book and not worry about if it looked pretty or perfect, because we were just experimenting and it was fun! This also helped us get ideas that we could possibly use on the finished product.

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