Meaningful words…

12248561_940360216049073_490247414_oSo now that we are getting more and more into this project (Artists books) we have started to look into words that we associate with the member of the family or friend we have chosen. I personally chose my father, and at first I wasn’t quite sure what to do with this assignment, but after thinking about it for a moment I realised that I wanted the words to be created by things that were actually linked in some way to the actual word itself, making it almost literal. Thats why I used sweets to write the word ‘sweet’ and feathers to write the word ‘free’. I wanted the items I used to symbolise the meaning of the word, almost giving you a clue as to what the word might be. Doing this gave me a few ideas for my final project and the stringed word ‘inspiring’ actually initiated another project that I have started to draw onto a pice of wood! These were all done on a small scale as they were just experiments! But it was still fun and eyeopening to do so.


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