Life drawing in ink!

I really enjoyed this life drawing class! I was very nervous at first and wasn’t quite sure of what to do, and the fact that I had a naked woman posing in front of me meant that I had to get to work… And fast!

I am not used to life drawing and haven’t done much of it, if at all before I started my foundation course, it can very fun at times to try out different techniques and materials but it can also be frustrating when your final piece doesn’t look anything like the model at all!

When I started with my mark making it was fun and exciting, I even felt proud of some of my pieces but as time went on I felt that I lost motivation and my attention span went with it, because even though ink was my favorite medium to use and I liked the effect it created on the pages (sort of a Chinese ink drawing style). Because it was so messy and unpredictable you are more susceptible to mistakes, this then leads to the figure looking too tall or too wide, and you end up making silly mistakes and mess up the proportions.

I feel that I get very stressed out when the final piece isn’t how I imagined it/ perfect, and this is when I start to pit myself against the other students in the class who have been doing art for several years if not longer, I start to become self conscious and doubt myself..

Because I’ve never done art before I feel that I am at a slight disadvantage when it comes to the rest of the class, but I have to learn to be proud of my work and to always try my best, because in life you will always find someone who is better than you, but just because someone does something better than you, it doesn’t mean that it still isn’t worth doing and trying out yourself!

Hahah so long story short ink drawing was fun! Just don’t wear nice clothes because it drips EVERYWHERE!!! hahahah

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