Paper dress !

This was the first time that I actually done fashion on my foundation course! And this was a little project I gave myself! I saw that some of the fashion students had made dresses using tissue paper and card, so I thought I would have a go myself with paper.

I actually didn’t know where to start or what even to do… so I went into the fashion room picked up a Mannequin and took it into my art room, where I had paper and my equipment!

I already had a design in mind from one of my previous sketches so that wasn’t a problem, because this was just a rough draft I decided to just get stuck in! This was a mistake and made the process much longer/harder… Because I didn’t measure things out and didn’t plan before hand I encountered a few problems!

Making the skirt/bottom half of the dress proved to be simple and easy! I just freehanded it and estimated where it should be cut!

But this is where I encountered my first problem! Because I done the bottom half before the top half it meant that the piece of paper used to make the Bodice of the dress would cover the skirt, meaning I wouldn’t get a clean cut finished product! So I ended up taking it all apart and doing the top half first, here is where the second problem comes in! Because the paper doesn’t bend freely or flow like fabric, it ended up completely squaring out the figure of the mannequin, and obviously I didn’t want that, I wanted the dress to show off the shape of the person who wore it!


I ended up cutting the bodice down into two small triangles, that way the waist of the mannequin was still on show and the dress had body! I put the skirt back on and attached a waist strap to bring attention to the mannequins waistline, for the back I ended up just using one of the cut outs I had and slipped it into the strap I placed around the waist to snatch everything in!

I think for a project that was a rough draft and involved me doing something I had never done before it didn’t come out that bad! But of course next time I know to measure out the sheets before hand and to keep in mind the fact that paper isn’t flexible like fabric!12557681_973985089353252_788534064_o

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