Butterfly study

This is a little project that I have recently set myself, and it’s about the negative perception of butterflies! Butterflies are always seen as a positive thing and most people usually associate them with good times or as a symbol of hope, I want change and challenge the perception of the butterfly and change this.

I am always fascinated by nature and have always had an interest for it, I somehow manage to include nature in many of my designs and creations and they build for interesting outcomes.

The butterfly it self can be quite a mysterious thing and most people believe that their only purpose is to “be beautiful”, the interesting thing is that not all butterflies are bright and colorful, they can sometime see quite musky and dull, sometimes even poisonous!

I started the project by drawing a few sketches on some Alexander McQueen hair clips I had, I liked the way they were positioned on top of each other and visually I thought it was interesting. I also read that some people believed that if you saw many butterflies at one time it was a sign of bad things to come, so this was helpful for my project.

I made a few different studies and used different mediums to see how that would change the appearance of the butterflies and possibly alter our perception of them! I used tracing paper, pencil, white ink pen and brown craft paper! I also have done a piece where I started to cute out the patter within the wings allowing me to place something behind them!

I also bought some dead butterflies and I had the idea to print with the wings and possibly use them for a pattern, also the fact that most people will automatically had a sad/negative reaction to the butterflies once their dead is also interesting!


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