Natural History…

We went to the natural history museum as a class trip; this is was to gather research and images for our Zoomorphic project! We looked at the things that we felt linked into our preferred outcome or even just things of interest, we would look at and draw quick observational sketches.

It was fun and interesting to look at the animals or fossils and find connections between different species. I personally was interested in butterflies so I wanted to go straight to the ‘cocoon’ to look at the different colors and shapes, I wanted to find dull colored butterflies because they would fit into my theme a lot better, I also found myself looking at the different shapes of the butterflies and coming up with different fashion outcomes in my head.

Because this project is also about ‘morphing ideas’ I also thought about changing different animals or even flowers into the shape of a butterfly or possibly incorporating them into the pattern of the wings. I also came up with the idea for making small samples of butterflies but making them using parts from different animals, or possibly flowers.

The idea of making something natural out of something un-natural also played in my mind, but I have yet to figure out my finals outcomes, but I’m sure I will enjoy the process/journey!

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