Experimenting with wire: Zoomorphic

After making the samples of the butterflies I came up with the idea to make a butterfly dress out of wire, I liked this idea because its something constricting and uncomfortable, I also thought about how it would look visually, dangerous and unapproachable. Since I was trying to shed a different light on butterflies and have people view them differently, using wire was the easiest way to do this.

Of course when someone tells you they want to make a “butterfly dress” the assumption is that they will make something pretty and beautiful in the most positive way possible, but since my project was about the perception of these mystical insects. I was doing the exact opposite of that!

Working with this wire proved to be extremely difficult, it was hard to manage and would only end in long strides and not around tight corners or small enough to create any sort of intricate detail, but it created the dangerous sharp look I was going for. To do the dress in full it only took me about 1 or 2 hours, I made up the design as I went on and bent accordingly.

The unusual thing about the dress is that, even though it proved difficult to bend and manipulate while I was making it, once it was done, the slightest bump or nudge would shift it or dent the wire, I believe this happened because, even though the wire is thick and strong, I did not re-enforce it and add more layers to make sure it kept its shape, I wanted to create somewhat of a skeleton dress, but I should’ve added more or dubbed over the outline.

Overall it was a fun thing to do and it lead to many other great ideas.


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