This wonderful, beautiful Mannequin was given/gifted to me from a London Mannequin company called Panache, I called them on a whim because I needed to be able to cast the human form for my FMP (Final Major Project) and the easiest way I could think of, of doing that was to cast a Mannequin. When I let my teachers and close friends know about my idea, I was quickly informed as to how expensive they can be and how hard it could become to be “gifted” one.

But I was determined, the worst that could happen is that they would say no, and I would have to find another alternative! I started to search for “mannequin companies in London” the very first one to come up was Panache! So I done a quick scroll through their website and gave them a call (little did I know, they were one of the biggest mannequin companies in London). I let the person on the phone know my situation and that I was looking for a mannequin for my FMP, the woman on the phone didn’t seem too optimistic and let me know that what I was asking for was quite an “expensive gift” and that the probability of me getting anything was practically nil. She transfers me to the Manager and I repeat my story and let him know that at this point I would accept anything, a broken leg, a head, a foot … ANYTHING!! He senses the desperateness in my voice and says that its fine and he recalls having some old headless mannequins that he wouldn’t mind letting me use, this surprises me immensely because he was so genuine and kind, and was extremely helpful.

When I get there the next day, he sees me and my friend and immediately asks if I was the one over the phone the previous day, he walks us around and talks us through the process of making these beautiful fiber glass mannequins, he was very kind and answered any question we had! He pulls out the old mannequins and lets us pic out our favorite, he cleans her off, bubble wraps her and helps us carry her to the front, after a friendly/educational chat he hands over his business card and invites us to the VM & Display show.

And he says as a reward for getting the mannequin for free he would like to see what I do with her next, because him and his team like to see what creative outcomes people create with their mannequins.


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