Turning a dream, into a nightmare!

I have always had a fascination for butterflies; I’ve always found them a quite mysterious and almost “magical” creature. Because I wanted to create somewhat of a “beautiful nightmare” affect with them I needed to find a way to use butterflies but make it into something dark, troubled and tormented. The easiest way to do this is through death, but even once dead, the butterflies are still “pretty” and emulate positive beautiful thoughts, and I had to change that! I wanted them to look like they were trapped in skin; I was already working with latex and already knew what I could do with it, and how it looked like once it dried. So I decided to get the butterflies and open/break them up, lay them over a wet layer of latex and then once it dried I would add one more layer of latex sealing them inside, once it dried and got its skin-like texture and color, I was so satisfied with the result that my final outcome changed completely, because originally the idea was to attach it to a wire dress, but because this sample came out so well I decided to keep it and frame it!

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