Owning my space…

Now that we are a few weeks into the FMP (Final Major Project) I have started to own and personalise my space!!

I wanted to create a “mood” that would link into my project and since my project is quite macabre and dark I wanted to paint the white wall black, so this was the very first thing I done, I only painted half because I liked the scratched in effect I got at the bottom almost as is the darkness was slowly seeping out or as if something from within had clawed its way out.

I also started to collect some imagery that I found interesting and felt would be inspirational for the project, I also realized I really like the idea of being caged and trapped without escape and some of that reflects in the imagery I have chosen.

It’s quite difficult to find imagery that I feel represents my ideas well; I usually find its too “pretty” or dialed down.

I am very proud of my space and enjoy working in it!!


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