2nd cast

This was my second attempt at making a cast of my mannequin using the plaster strips, the problem with the first attempt was that I didn’t blend the plaster in well enough and that I didn’t add enough layers.

I covered more of the mannequin with the strips than last time because I wanted to see how solid of a structure it would be if I done a section of the back as well as the front.

When I done this particular cast I done a total of 3 layers, and personally I feel it worked very well because it took the form of the mannequin quite accurately and it also stayed solid so it resembled a human body and wasn’t prone to damage, meaning it was easy to move around.

Even though it was a successful cast sample, I feel I left it to dry for too long because to physically take it off the mannequin was a challenge and required water and a lot of force/fiddling. This means that the outskirts of the cast broke and crumbled.

Other than that the only thing I can say it that I don’t like that you can see the ridges of each individual strip, but that being said the inside of the cast was perfect and I would like to recreate that kind of surface on the outside.

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