Fleeting life…

It was a warm sunny day and I had just finished college, I was walking around the outskirts of the local park, waiting for a friend when something quickly catches my eye and lands by my feet, I pause for a while shocked and unsure of what it was.

I crouch down to take a closer look; I quickly realized it was a butterfly. It rested there weak and frail; the assumption is that it was dying slowly, possibly painfully. I was completely astounded because since my project involves death and butterflies this was too much of a coincidence especially since I just spent the last few weeks messing around with dead butterflies for my Zoomorphic.

I watched it slowly open and close its wings, almost as if it was trying to recuperate its energy, I was completely transfixed the whole time, it wasn’t scared me and didn’t scurry away as I got closer, it felt comfortable with my presence and rested by my side for a while it tried to pick it self up several times with little success, eventually I left it and as I stepped up and began to walk away it flutters away staggering in the air.

“Aren’t we all one-day butterflies,
not aware of time.
Searching for partners or honey
until Death kisses us.
Then in his arms, tenderly rocked,
waiting for a new chance
to fly away again
and join the dance
of the one-day butterfly”

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