hidden messages…

This was when I was out with a friend and we went to the Tate, we were on our way back home when I spotted something plastered onto the wall of St Paul’s Cathedral, I quickly ask my friend if she could see it also, as we get closer the shape becomes more apparent and clear, she realizes.. ‘A Heart’ we both admire it for a moment before continuing on with our journey.

The reason why I feel this stuck with me is because its something so simple and possibly small and insignificant to the person who done it, but its also something so powerful and could possibly affect someone’s life gratefully.

I like the idea of having a hidden message or creating something that requires the viewer to look twice or take a moment to think about it, and I’m hoping that I can somehow incorporate this into my final piece, and leave the viewer with an emotion that will transcend time…IMG_4373IMG_4375IMG_4376

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