Moving spaces…

I have recently been moved into a new space, but luckily for me it’s  a larger space, to accommodate for my mannequin and the life-size samples I’ve been making, this meant that I had to take everything from the old space down and move it into the new space.

Even though the new space is larger which is amazing, the main problem I have with it, is that its too bright and this goes completely against the ‘mood’ I’m trying to set with my project, so the first thing I done was paint one of the walls black, I tried to re-create the same effect with the paint on the wall as I did in the old space, to make it look like it was dragged/scratched on, once I painted the wall, put up my imagery, got more imagery, put in the tables, chair and my mannequin it was ready to be used!

Even though I am fortunate to have this large space, a lot of pressure and responsibility comes with having this space, because now that I have more room, more work is expected of me, better work is expected from me. And everyone in the class is watching my every move; to see what ‘greatness’ I create due to having it!

Even though I take tremendous pride in my room and spend every moment I’m in college in this room, there are moments where I fear, it isn’t enough… I come in on extra days I try to accomplish as much as possible, but the pressure of having ‘the room’ can sometimes be too much.

The fun thing is that now I can have total privacy, all I have to do is close the door and I have my space all to myself, I can play music, do research on my computer and do my work in peace, I’ve also started to share the room with a classmate and we tend to get a lot of work done together and this also helps me stop worrying about the pressures of ‘the room’


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