skeletal cast…

This is one of the samples I made, the idea was to see if it was possible to make a mold of this skeleton that we had lying around, I wanted to see if it would be possible to burn plastic around it using a head gun to create somewhat of a cast, of the head. The reason for this sample was because obviously I want to shed some light on death, so using the skeleton was a simple way of doing this.

Honestly I wanted to have more of a defined, solid cast but because I just used a plastic bag, unfortunately that didn’t happen, but I think that this result is almost better, because as of late I have liked the idea of a draped face, and have been looking into sculpture that has fabric over the face and/or body.

So I almost prefer this because it alludes to a face rather than it simply just being ‘a face’… I placed it on the wall and this gave off the impression that it was something from within the wall trying to come out, and I really enjoy that!

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