Making an Instagram…

Hi there, so this is my first “Fashion post”. I’ve always had a strong interest for fashion, but in the last year/ two years its become more obvious, I’ve been following it a lot more closely and attending events, following designers, and other fashion bloggers and just overall being more involved in the world of fashion.

From the moment I started Art & Design at college I’ve felt more myself and safer to express my feelings and personal style, after starting in September I had many students and friends from college complimenting me on my style and advising that I should put myself and my fashions out there.

I had the idea of running a blog or page for a while, but I felt I wasn’t ready for that yet, as I didn’t even know where to start. Up until February I hadn’t done any “promoting” or “advertising” of my daily outfits, but after a while I thought that if I wasn’t going to do a blog I should at least make an Instagram account where I could just post up my daily outfits everyday, because it was simple and quick to do.

I used the college trip we took to the Natural History Museum as the excuse to make one and as a first post. Since then I’ve been posting everyday! And in a short space of time I’ve already gained 600+ followers, its also allowed me to do things like go to fashion week, and make connections with fashion photographers and other far more successful bloggers. Its fun being able to do what I love!

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