The Crypt…

This was one of my first Gallery visits for the FMP, I have never heard of ” The Crypt Gallery” before but after a quick search and a rough read I felt it would be perfect for my project, I was looking into more sinister/macabre exhibitions and galleries for a while, and I was having a hard time finding anything, so when I found The Crypt I felt like all my prayers had been answered.

I loved the fact that is was a secluded gallery and one that wasn’t too well known, it also didn’t hurt that it used to be used for coffin burials (1822-1854) and that over 556 people had been buried there, I felt that this would give it the kind of feel and mood that I was looking for when it came to my project.

The three statues are of Greek origin and are Pagan Goddesses who guard the entrance to the underworld.

Overall I enjoyed my visit and there were certain aspects of the gallery that I really enjoyed, but unfortunately I feel that I was expecting far more than what I received, I’m sure in its earlier years it may have been closer to what I was looking for, but unfortunately due to it being used as a gallery space now, I’m sure it has been cleared out and made more open so artists can display their work!


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