Fixing an old friend…

So I have had my mannequin for quite a while now (a month and a few weeks) and it has been really fun and exciting to use her as inspiration and to create samples using her, the works I tend to be most proud of tend to be the ones that I used her either physically, or as the base for an idea.


Unfortunately about a week ago a student in the class decided to use her without my permission to create a sample and while this student was creating the sample they broke the mannequin. The mannequin is covered in scratches and had holes and cracks all along the lower back, it also had a few minor holes and cracks on the arms.


Obviously when I saw them using my mannequin without my consent and damaging her, it frustrated me but I shouldn’t of let it affect me so much, I should’ve taken it as a compliment that a fellow student wanted to use my mannequin (because its a really good one) to create great samples because they saw how well mine came out.

I used a wall filler to fill in the holes and cracks, unfortunately on the first day that I started I didn’t have any sand paper or files to sand down the excess of the filler, but even then, once I got the sand paper I managed to do 2/3 layers of the filler and sand it down so it was all smoothed out quite quickly.


(The pictures are from when the first coat of the filler was done, it is all now smoothed out and all the cracks and holes are filled.)

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