Jan Fabre…

Born in 1958 he is a Belgian multidisciplinary artist, playwright, designer, choreographer and stage director. He studied at the Municipal institute of Decorative Arts and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Between 1976-80 Fabre wrote his first scripts for the theatre and made his début performances. During his ‘money performances’ he would burn money and write the work “Money” with the ashes. In 1977 he re-names the street he lives on to “Jan Fabre street” and fixes a commemorative plaque “Here lives and works Jan Fabre” to the house of his parents, by analogy to the commemorative plate on the house of Vincent Van Gogh in the same street.

In 1978 he made drawings using his own blood during the solo performance ‘My body, my blood, my landscape’.

In 1980 ‘The Bic-Art Room’ he had himself locked up for three days and three nights in a white cube full of objects drawing with blue Bic ballpoint pens as an alternative to Big art established in 1986, Troubleyn/Jan Fabre is a theatre company with extensive international operations, with its home base in Antwerp, Belgium.He is famous for his ballpoint drawings (Bic-art), in 1990 he covered an entire building with Bic-art. He explores the relationships between drawing and sculpture. He also makes sculptures in bronze and with beetles.

He decorated the ceiling of the Royal Palace in Brussels and he used one million, six hundred thousand jewel-scarab wing cases, its called Heaven of Delight, it is widely praised. In 2004 he erected Totem, a giant bug stuck on a 70-foot steel needle, on the Ladeuzeplein in Leuven.

In 2008, Jan Fabre’s The Angel of Metamorphosis exhibition was held at the Louvre Museum.

I chose Fabre as inspiration for my project because he creates the type of work that I was looking for, something clean cut yet still dark and twisted!



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