a fascination with death…

There are many reasons why we as a society can find ourselves being fascinated by death and its impending fate, one of the main reason being its ones of those questions that will never be answered “what’s death like?” our beliefs also play major role when it comes to personal opinions of death, some of us believe in things such as reincarnation whereas other don’t believe in anything at all, and believe that once we die that is the end and not a new beginning.

Dying is one of the very few things that are guaranteed in life, its something that we will all have to face no matter what, and to some that can be frightful. Some people spend their lives avoiding death and living in fear of it, most just accept it as a part of life and try not to think of it too much.

There are even the few who find death an oasis, a paradisiac escape they see it as a way out and the though of death pleases and comforts them.

Most of us find death and exciting dark vicarious thrill, we watch horror movies or read macabre books, and we are always somehow looking for death in one way or another.

Being fascinated by death isn’t something new or recent this is something that extends back into ancient history, Historically, many cults have been formed around death gods and figures including Anubis (the jackal-headed Egyptian religious god associated with mummification and the afterlife), Osiris (an Egyptian god usually identified as the god of the afterlife, the underworld and the dead), Hades (the ancient Greek god of the underworld), and Santa Muerte (i.e., “Saint Death”, a sacred and skeletal Mexican figure symbolizing death to remind people of their own mortality).

People have even tried to communicate with the dead through séances and/or psychics. We are so fascinated and perplexed by death that there are even exhibitions and museums set in place just so we can observe those who have passed, such as Gunter von Hagen’s Body World’s exhibitions or the Huntarian.

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