barbie cast..

We are back with the casts! This was more of a spur of the moment/ playful sample, I done this just to have more of an obvious link between the mannequin and the dolls so I made a doll sized plaster cast to match the life-sized ones before it!

Doing something like this on such a small scale proved to be harder than I thought it would be, I can already tell that working with these dolls won’t be as easy breezy as I thought!

Even though I have had the dolls for about a week now, I do find it difficult to create samples out for them without destroying the “form” or shape of the doll itself, because it would be much easier to just tear off the limbs and swap them around or just alter the shape of the doll in anyway, but because my final piece will resemble a woman and won’t be disfigured, it makes no sense to do that with the dolls.


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