Hedi Xandt…

He was born in 1988 and is a self-taught artists, he is considered a conceptual artists and a professional graphic/multimedia designer. He graduated in communications design in early 2013, and he currently works as a freelance artists/illustrator alongside his work for TUSH magazine.

Word from the artist himself

I believe in diversity.

Coming from a creative family composed of painters, illustrators, draughtsmen and writers as well as skilled craftsmen, I grew up in an environment of creativity and tools. So, ever since the age of I-don’t-know-how-old-I-was-back-then, I have a strong affection not only towards creating artwork, but also a deep interest in the technologies that are used in the process. What started out as doodling as a child, moved over to painting great canvases as a teenager and became a serious love affair with all things digital.

As a professional graphic designer, having concluded my studies of communications design in early 2013, I find it particularly difficult to categorize myself. Even though I am trying hard to find a definition of my work, I think that the main and most important aspects of my work are creativity and concept. Being permanently on the experimental side of thinking and creating, I seek to add to my skills with every piece I begin. Learning-By-Doing, this awfully overused term, applies to me just as well as Doing-By-Learning. The unison of knowledge and skill provides me with inspiration and a broad foundation to be used as a starting point for any kind of project.

I see myself neither as a graphic designer, nor an artist, writer or whatever. I’m a creative person, creativity is my Power Unlimited.

I found this piece visually interesting when I stumbled across it in 2014 on Tumblr and this image has always been imprinted into my memory for a long time, and I liked the idea of how something somewhat traditional (a statue of a woman) was modernised/demonised but adding this skeletal face and this rude long tongue to it. Visually I feel it’s very powerful. I like the idea how he uses mixed media, I feel this adds more layers to his work and makes it more visually interesting, I also feel I identify with him because of the fact that he has more than one interest/discipline he finds it hard to define himself or give himself a ‘title’ and I feel this is one of the reasons I am drawn to his work. Even though some of it may seem quite dark and somewhat focused on death, I feel there is a strange sophisticated beauty about his work, and how polished and clean the final products looks, you’re almost entranced from the moment you see them and you just had to pause and look for a while, I admire that.

I hope to incorporate his style of work into one of my pieces one day.

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