talking to an artist…

The thing that ignited this project for me was a Hedi Xandt piece where he made a sculpture of a woman but gave her a gold skeletal face. I found this very visually powerful and I wanted to re-create something like that to symbolize death and perception.

Since his piece(s) inspired me so much I decided to contact him through my Instagram profile to introduce myself and ask him for his opinion on the idea I had come up with for my FMP. To my surprise he actually replied!

He was very supportive and helpful when it came to discussing possibilities for my project, and he gave me some pretty amazing suggestions, that I hope to create in future as a “tribute” to him once I am successful.

As stupid as it sounds, me reaching out to an artist and asking them for their opinion/help was very new to me and I’m actually quite proud of myself that I was brave enough to do that, because now I can actually say that one of the artists I researched for this project actually talked to me and had somewhat of an input into my project!


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