mixed media…

This is a photogram piece I done, a photogram is a photographic print that is made by laying objects onto photographic light sensitive paper and exposing it to light. This technique of creating photographic prints without using a camera (photograms) is as old as photography itself, but this traditional technique rose to popularity again in various avant-garde contexts in the early 1920s.

I had a piece of photogram paper that I over exposed and it turned pitch black! So I decided that I would use it for a sketch, at fists I was deciding if I was going to sketch directly onto it or possibly even cut out the silhouette of something out of it!

I later decided to do a detailed sketch on acetate and lay this over the photogram.

I like the effect it created because it gives of a sense of dark mystery to the sketch and I find it interesting that you get to see it in two different “lights” as the bottom only has the sketchbook page behind it.


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