replicating inspirations…

This was my quick, spur of the moment attempt at re-creating the imagery in my sketchbook but in real life and using myself. Even though we didn’t have the equipment, knowledge or skill to recreate the picture exactly, it was still fun to try it out and attempt to do something I had never done before, and it also made me feel like I had literally involved myself in my own project, becoming one of the images rather than just looking at them. Since using the photogram paper I have noticed that I have become more interested in photography and this entire process of the FMP has taught me that the only thing stopping me, my only barrier is me myself!

Because I have managed to include influences from so many different things such as fashion, photography, sculpture, poetry etc. and just because I done a certain course and was taught certain skills, that doesn’t mean I can’t learn external things and be involved in multiple disciplines/industries.




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