After playing the role of the “model” when I attempted to recreate the imagery in my sketchbook I wanted to take that 1 step further, I wanted to be able to take pictures like the ones of the nude women in my sketchbook who were draped in fabric, and it was all dimly lit giving off a feeling of mystery and danger!

But after having the idea for all of 30seconds I just gave up and thought “how am I possibly going to get a girl to get naked and let me take pictures of her?!” but if being an “artist” has taught me anything its to be shameless, because if the idea seems too ambitious then that’s exactly why you HAVE to go for it!

I managed to find an amazing girl who agreed to do this but she wasn’t sure of when she would be free, so I told her to call me when she was free and we would plan it. A week and a half goes by and by this time I have already given up on the dream/idea and have basically forgotten about it, she then calls me while I’m at college, and tells me that she is free for a short while, because I didn’t know before hand I basically just ran down with my camera and what I had to hand…



Even though the shoot was extremely unplanned I am very proud of these pictures, and I feel that they are to a high standard, each picture tells its own unique story. I also find it amazing that I used an “everyday” girl rather than a “model” because her body is absolutely beautiful and I love that I get to show case that beauty has no size. I also enjoyed watching her become more confident as time went on, at first she was scared and shy and towards the end we were laughing and joking around, it was truly an amazing experience!


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