bleeding page…

When I’m doing the pages in my sketchbook, I want to make each page different than the last one, I want to be as creative as possible and I enjoy including different materials and textures, with my sketchbook I have used, fabric, latex, wax, sand paper, paint etc. I understand that depending on what materials I use it puts forward a different message, this double page I started with the notion of mortality and the human body.

The left page is to symbolize blood, and the soft (fabric) fragility of the human body especially when introduced to something such as Satan himself, since then I have painted into the white page and added red wax to the piece to show drips of “blood”.

The right page is latex form a sample I attempted earlier on, this is the “skin” once its dead, cold and stiff, I still have to decide what I want to do with this page.

I’m glad I’m starting to think differently and outside of the box.


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