drown my sorrows…

After I had finished doing all the samples with the bodies of the dolls, I just had a “collection” of doll heads in my space, and I noticed that these bodiless heads were quite horrifying to certain people so I decided to push this a little further.

At the time me and a friend (fashion student) were sharing my space, I was focusing on my dolls and mannequin and she was doing a fashion styling project on schizophrenia, when she was struggling with sample ideas I told her that she could use the doll heads if she wanted, she gladly took them, but after a while she was stuck as to what she should do with them, and this was when I came up with the idea to “drown” one in ink, and I quite liked the look of it myself.

I don’t think I will ultimately do something like this, but it was still fun to experiment and to try something out.

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