candle samples…


Now that I’m starting to put my FMP together and I’m starting to get it ready for the exhibition, I’ve decided that I would make most of it at home.

I wanted to have the candles seem like they have been used, time and time again, I wanted it to have little pile-ups of wax surrounding the candle; the reason for this is because I wanted them to look like old ritual candles that had been used in several different rituals.

The way I made this possible was by lighting the candles (obviously) and by using a toothpick and dragged down the tip of the sides of the candles to make the hot wax run. I also had a little metal measuring jug that I had pre-melted wax inside and I would pour this over the burning candles.

The way I made it stick to the glass plate was to melt the base of the candle and press it onto the plate.


Overall I am very pleased with the outcomes and I feel the give off the effect I was looking for!



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