planning my space…

Now that I have two options to choose from I have come up with two “spaces” I can have for the exhibition, they are both very similar but one of the main changes between them is the lighting and color.

If I was to just display my photographs I would do them on 3 white walls and in a well lit room, because I would want it to look clean and modern, it also means that you are given more space and time to take in the images and enjoy them for what they are.

My second idea is the Satanic ritual, for this space I would still need the 3 walls but they would be painted black and would be in a dimly lit corner of the room, you would have a wall either side of you and one at the end in front of you, this is so you “walk into” the world of Satanic worship and beliefs.

If I am lucky I will try to put them both together and add the images on the wall in the satanic corner!

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