am i making you uncomfortable?…

Throughout the process of doing this project I have noticed that the topic it is centered around actually makes a lot of people quite scared, I almost find this amusing because, I really wanted to have something in my project that would instantly get a strong reaction and I think I really managed to do that because ever aspect of my exhibition was very powerful, in fact to be fair I could’ve had the photo shoot print outs on a plain white wall and that would’ve been fine, it still would’ve been powerful and it still would’ve gotten a reaction.

The same goes for if I was just to have the dark room with the Baphomet star and the candles, that alone would have sent people into a twist, I like that the individual parts of my exhibition are strong on their own. And I feel this is why my project was something that had such a strong effect on so many people.

Throughout the private view, my dark forbidden corner was always packed with people and they were all constantly trying to figure it out, I think I managed to create the sense of mystery I wanted to create, because alongside being a powerful exhibition it was also something that forced you to stop and think and that was exactly what I wanted!

Its hard to face the truth sometimes and most of us pretend that certain things don’t happen or aren’t the way that they are, we focus our minds on small trivial problems instead of looking at the bigger picture, and when we are confronted with something we usually ignore or act that it doesn’t exist, this makes us uncomfortable because it makes us question everything in our day to day lives, I am glad that I could bring one of these things to light and that my project had a sense of mystery but was still very emotionally powerful, so I count that as a success!


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