finding connections…

Doing this FMP has opened me up to so many things, I’ve truly learnt a lot from it. Even things I can change and apply to my own personal life.

Its taught me to be fearless and not be afraid to be ambitious because even though something may seem hard and impossible at first, if your willing to put in the time and effort you might come out with something truly incredible.

There where quite a few differences between my final project and the ones before it, such as the fact that it was self-driven, I ran it on my own terms, I decided what I did it on, the time span to do it was far larger than the rest and the fact that it lead to an exhibition. But even though it was so different from the other projects and something all of its own, if it wasn’t for the previous projects I would’ve been able to do it to begin with.

Projects like “Trash To Treasure” and “Artists Book” taught me how to make quick samples and to experiment with pages and materials, some of which I had never used before, it taught me not to be afraid of the unknown and to try everything out at least once, if it wasn’t for this I wouldn’t of been able to push my project as far as I did.

My Zoomorphic project taught me to take inspiration from everyday things and make it your own, it taught me how to turn something beautiful that is so small and simple into something terrifying and thought provoking, which is basically the foundation of my FMP.

Even though the previous projects have nothing to do with my FMP they have EVERYTHING to do with my FMP because they taught me the skills, I needed to be able to do it, they taught me how to solve problems, think differently and to not be afraid.

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