obsession with plastic surgery…

Plastic surgery has become such a norm in our culture, that many brands have had to have campaigns just to make us feel, like being ourselves is ok, such as the “Real Beauty” campaign by Dove, but even though we have these heart touching adds that help us accept ourselves, plastic surgery is still rising at an alarming rate.

More and more people are going under the knife aiming for “Perfection” using photo shopped magazine images and celebrities as reference. In-fact cosmetic surgical procedures grew 13% between 2014-15.

We are told that to have all that we wish of, we must first “look the part”, turn ourselves into life-sized, walking and talking Barbie and Ken dolls, we idolize those who have had “improvements” and have seen people cash in millions due to their procedures (Kylie Jenner), as time goes on more and more people do it, and they are doing it at a younger age than usual.

It has gotten so bad that something that used to be seen as “taboo” is now a “solution”, as a society we have lost the ability to be comfortable with looking “average and everyday”.

Of course as most people know women are the ones who are affected the most, because they are constantly being bombarded by advertising campaigns, perfume advert, supermodel fashion lines and even make up and hair brands, all create this “ideal” body type that all women are “meant” to become “desirable”.

Of course beauty standards change over time/ the centuries and the Barbie doll brand has always been a representation of this, and its actually quite insane to think that so many little girls grew up believing that they were only valued if they looked like this stick figure doll, with completely unrealistic body proportions. Till this day millions of grown women as well as children idolize this slim toned physic that most times is impossible to achieve, even the most slim and muscular model in the industry are then photoshopped out of existence to a point where they don’t even recognize themselves.

this is something that is so innate in our society that there have been and are some tv shows that are entered all around this, where it be one to teach us to love ourselves (How To Look Good Naked) or one that promotes the idea that your body is constantly a “work in progress” (Extreme Makeover).

there are shows like Embarrassing Bodies where if anyone has anything they are are uncomfortable with when it comes to their physical appearance, even if its something quite minute and that doesn’t necessarily need to be messed with, the first thing they always suggest is surgery, because to them that is the perfect solution to everything.we never see them trying to build the persons spirits by telling them how they can grow to be confident with the insecurities and eventually forget them.

we idolise people like the Kardashians who are almost Connoisseurs of the “plastic” world, we find more interest in this unattainable image of beauty, power and success than we do in, acceptance, love or family.

“We live in a society that constantly tells us we have to be beautiful, or at the very least feel it. But the truth is that that’s a hollow goal doing more damage than good. What will really keep us away from the plastic surgeon’s knife is, instead, granting ourselves permission to be a bit ugly. ” 

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