struggling without a head…

Because I have wanted to keep the body of the mannequin intact I have found it quite difficult to morph it and make it into something dark and twisted, a lot of the times I wish that it had a head because at least this way it would be easier to manipulate, since I could create expressions or decapitate the mannequin and smash the head to pieces. I don’t want to give up with the body and get a head, but if I can’t think of anything I might have to!

Just simply adding this skull onto the mannequin already makes you feel like it’s walking the thin line between life and death…




After playing the role of the “model” when I attempted to recreate the imagery in my sketchbook I wanted to take that 1 step further, I wanted to be able to take pictures like the ones of the nude women in my sketchbook who were draped in fabric, and it was all dimly lit giving off a feeling of mystery and danger!

But after having the idea for all of 30seconds I just gave up and thought “how am I possibly going to get a girl to get naked and let me take pictures of her?!” but if being an “artist” has taught me anything its to be shameless, because if the idea seems too ambitious then that’s exactly why you HAVE to go for it!

I managed to find an amazing girl who agreed to do this but she wasn’t sure of when she would be free, so I told her to call me when she was free and we would plan it. A week and a half goes by and by this time I have already given up on the dream/idea and have basically forgotten about it, she then calls me while I’m at college, and tells me that she is free for a short while, because I didn’t know before hand I basically just ran down with my camera and what I had to hand…



Even though the shoot was extremely unplanned I am very proud of these pictures, and I feel that they are to a high standard, each picture tells its own unique story. I also find it amazing that I used an “everyday” girl rather than a “model” because her body is absolutely beautiful and I love that I get to show case that beauty has no size. I also enjoyed watching her become more confident as time went on, at first she was scared and shy and towards the end we were laughing and joking around, it was truly an amazing experience!


replicating inspirations…

This was my quick, spur of the moment attempt at re-creating the imagery in my sketchbook but in real life and using myself. Even though we didn’t have the equipment, knowledge or skill to recreate the picture exactly, it was still fun to try it out and attempt to do something I had never done before, and it also made me feel like I had literally involved myself in my own project, becoming one of the images rather than just looking at them. Since using the photogram paper I have noticed that I have become more interested in photography and this entire process of the FMP has taught me that the only thing stopping me, my only barrier is me myself!

Because I have managed to include influences from so many different things such as fashion, photography, sculpture, poetry etc. and just because I done a certain course and was taught certain skills, that doesn’t mean I can’t learn external things and be involved in multiple disciplines/industries.




claw at me…

After my idea of layering a acetate sketch over a blank piece of photogram paper I decided to sketch one of the actual photographs to give the viewer the opportunity to look at the same image in two different lights, I like the way it looks when the acetate sketch is over the photogram because it adds more mystery and drama to the piece, I feel because of how its presented in my sketchbook it arises a lot of questions and starts to tell a story all on it own.


I liked the acetate sketches a lot but I wanted to do something that linked but was somehow different, I wanted them to look similar but I still wanted people to differentiate between them.

So I came up with the idea to use white ink on a clear plastic sheet! I liked that the plastic was sturdier than the acetate and I liked that it wasn’t something that you could easily smudge off or damage by simply bending it or “scrunching” it up.

But because I did use a different material this mean that the “mood” of the sample was different, because when I made the acetate sketches I admired the “x-ray” look and feel they had to them, but the plastic sheet had none of that, it had more of a clean cut feel and it didn’t give off the same macabre ancient history vibe.

I experimented with it layering it over different images to see if I found a portrait that would match the skull, to symbolize and show “the thin line between life and death”



After my light box sample I tried to think of other ways to include text in my project, but obviously I wanted to include the mannequin some how.

Keeping the idea of light in my head I came up with the idea to project the words onto the mannequin somehow, unfortunately we didn’t have a blank wall or the correct projector to do this but I simply put the words into word on the computer and used the electric board to project the words, I stood the mannequin in front of the board and adjusted it to a height and position that I felt it got the most words onto it!

I like the idea of the words being on it without actually being physically attached, it makes the words less physical and gives them a “timeless” feel, something you can’t touch or feel but you can see it and know that its there!


Since I saw the Latin book at the welcome collection, I have been determined to include Latin text in one way or another in my project, after the light sample I made, I decided to buy a stencil to see if I could come up with a few ideas to include some quotes or a piece of Latin text, I have yet to decide what I will do…