savage beauty…

Even though this is an exhibition I went to a year ago, for completely different reasons, this is this a trip I find inspiring, at the time I went because my sole focus was on fashion, and even though this is still something I am interested in, I now see how it is so much more than that.

The dark romantic nature of his work is truly astounding, and I often catch myself looking back to it for inspiration, its amazing how his work transcends time and will continue to inspire millions for years to come!


words from the Welcome Collection…

A while back, I went to the welcome collection with a friend and even though I didn’t feel it was 100% useful for my project I still enjoyed myself and it still gave me some passing ideas.

This little “postcard” is something they had out for people to select which words they felt linked to the exhibition, but before my friend could read the instructions, I told her just to pic out the words that stood out to her, and ironically most if not all of the words can actually be linked into my own project.

When people look at my project and the work I’ve done, I want these kinds of words to go through their minds, something macabre, out of this physical world but still attractive and slightly taboo, I want you to be scared yet attracted to the piece almost as if you had no choice!


finding inspiration in everyday life…

This was a poster that I stumbled across while out with a friend, what actually attracted me to it, were the colors and the stained aged door it was attached to.

I liked how the poster had a “young, wild & free” feel to it! And at the beginning of my project this was what I wanted to achieve!

It also doesn’t hurt that the message on the poster can be quite sinister and twisted! Almost as if it were a warning of danger!

“We are the people you warned us against”

discovering a past-time…


I fell in love with this book when I went to the Welcome Collection, they had an extensive library that went up two floors, and around a small dark corner I found this Latin anatomy book and I absolutely loved how everything was played out, how it felt in your hands and the amazing imagery that was used, this was exactly the kind of vibe I was trying to put out in my sketchbook, I loved how because it was Latin it somehow felt foreign and quite mysteriously macabre. Almost as if it were an old Wiccan book, used for rituals.

I bought a stencil to somewhat replicate this font, and hopefully create some interesting samples!



The Crypt…

This was one of my first Gallery visits for the FMP, I have never heard of ” The Crypt Gallery” before but after a quick search and a rough read I felt it would be perfect for my project, I was looking into more sinister/macabre exhibitions and galleries for a while, and I was having a hard time finding anything, so when I found The Crypt I felt like all my prayers had been answered.

I loved the fact that is was a secluded gallery and one that wasn’t too well known, it also didn’t hurt that it used to be used for coffin burials (1822-1854) and that over 556 people had been buried there, I felt that this would give it the kind of feel and mood that I was looking for when it came to my project.

The three statues are of Greek origin and are Pagan Goddesses who guard the entrance to the underworld.

Overall I enjoyed my visit and there were certain aspects of the gallery that I really enjoyed, but unfortunately I feel that I was expecting far more than what I received, I’m sure in its earlier years it may have been closer to what I was looking for, but unfortunately due to it being used as a gallery space now, I’m sure it has been cleared out and made more open so artists can display their work!


hidden messages…

This was when I was out with a friend and we went to the Tate, we were on our way back home when I spotted something plastered onto the wall of St Paul’s Cathedral, I quickly ask my friend if she could see it also, as we get closer the shape becomes more apparent and clear, she realizes.. ‘A Heart’ we both admire it for a moment before continuing on with our journey.

The reason why I feel this stuck with me is because its something so simple and possibly small and insignificant to the person who done it, but its also something so powerful and could possibly affect someone’s life gratefully.

I like the idea of having a hidden message or creating something that requires the viewer to look twice or take a moment to think about it, and I’m hoping that I can somehow incorporate this into my final piece, and leave the viewer with an emotion that will transcend time…IMG_4373IMG_4375IMG_4376

Fleeting life…

It was a warm sunny day and I had just finished college, I was walking around the outskirts of the local park, waiting for a friend when something quickly catches my eye and lands by my feet, I pause for a while shocked and unsure of what it was.

I crouch down to take a closer look; I quickly realized it was a butterfly. It rested there weak and frail; the assumption is that it was dying slowly, possibly painfully. I was completely astounded because since my project involves death and butterflies this was too much of a coincidence especially since I just spent the last few weeks messing around with dead butterflies for my Zoomorphic.

I watched it slowly open and close its wings, almost as if it was trying to recuperate its energy, I was completely transfixed the whole time, it wasn’t scared me and didn’t scurry away as I got closer, it felt comfortable with my presence and rested by my side for a while it tried to pick it self up several times with little success, eventually I left it and as I stepped up and began to walk away it flutters away staggering in the air.

“Aren’t we all one-day butterflies,
not aware of time.
Searching for partners or honey
until Death kisses us.
Then in his arms, tenderly rocked,
waiting for a new chance
to fly away again
and join the dance
of the one-day butterfly”