London Fashion Week is on its way…

So as many of you may know by now, London Fashion Week is literally this weekend!!

And with this knowledge brings exciting opportunities and days out!

I did attend the event for the first time last year, and it was nothing how I thought it would be, not even in the slightest, I thought it would be glamorous and peaceful, but once I arrived what I was met with was complete chaos, people running in front of cars to get a picture, everyone screaming and running around.

But even though things seemed ‘messy’ the people and the fashion were completely out of this world! And this is what inspired me to start my Instagram and my blog!

I loved how shameless and powerful everyone was just by being themselves and owning it, this is what I hope to emulate in my day to day life, making every corridor or sidewalk my own personal runway!

I’m planning to attend again this year, and this time I am prepared to dress OVER HONEY!! Hahahah this year, I have arrived TO SLAY BITCH!

Little sneak peak!

Hope to see you there!! Xo

Pretty in pink…

I love this simple tee from H&M it’s so casual and the “dusty pink” colour is so in right now! You literally see it everywhere!

I thought I would add some character to it by rolling up the sleeves slightly and pairing it with a pair of light ripped jeans!

I decided to add the red shoes and bag to tie it all in together and to add to the “dusty pink” shirt.

The “I see you” embroidery gives it a sense of mystery and gives the tee some emotion and a story…

Tee-Shirt: H&M   Jeans: H&M   Shoes: Vans   Backpack: Market

Outfit of the day: sunny days…


I really like this outfit even though it is quite plain and simple I feel this is why it works so well, the simplistic colour matching gives the outfit a little something extra and I look relaxed yet put together.

When it gets as hot as it has been in London it gets to be quite difficult to organize your look and yet still be prepared for the London rain! But I feel this cozy summer look does just the trick.


Jumper: Burton   Shorts: H&M   Bag: Market   Shoes: Vans

Outfit of the day: Pokémon Go…


As I’m sure you guys know by now Pokémon Go has taken over the world! And now even I have been dragged into it thanks to my friend Chantelle so like every other normal teenage human being we planned our whole day around it, and went on the hunt for some Pokémon!

I have had this denim jacket for quite a while, as you may know from previous posts but because I felt like I already wore it every possible way I could, I decided to give it some character and personalize it slightly! I decided to add some iron-on patches to give it some attitude and sass.

A colour that I really enjoy to pair with denim is red, I feel the complement each other well and make for a nice bright casual look!


Jacket: Blitz London   Vest: River Island   Flannel: H&M   Jeans: River Island   Shoes:Vans               Bag: Market