Outfit of the day: Pokémon Go…


As I’m sure you guys know by now Pokémon Go has taken over the world! And now even I have been dragged into it thanks to my friend Chantelle so like every other normal teenage human being we planned our whole day around it, and went on the hunt for some Pokémon!

I have had this denim jacket for quite a while, as you may know from previous posts but because I felt like I already wore it every possible way I could, I decided to give it some character and personalize it slightly! I decided to add some iron-on patches to give it some attitude and sass.

A colour that I really enjoy to pair with denim is red, I feel the complement each other well and make for a nice bright casual look!


Jacket: Blitz London   Vest: River Island   Flannel: H&M   Jeans: River Island   Shoes:Vans               Bag: Market

Outfit Of The Day: Vintage Queen…

I love to edge up my look sometimes, especially since I’m an art and design student I feel it’s my responsibility to be brave and slay at all times (lol).

I love getting vintage items, especially those that call back to the 90’s… I love the 90’s because I feel that this was a time of complete expressional freedom, where you wore what the hell you wanted how the hell you wanted! And nowadays I feel that too many people are too afraid to take risks and enjoy themselves! So I’m just showing them how it’s done.

This will forever be one of my most favorite outfits!


Vest: New Look   Dungarees: Rokit Vintage   Shirt: Blitz London   Flannel: Zara