Becoming a designer…

Hey! So I’ve finally started to make my garment!!

It was really fun to mess around with a fabric I had never worked with/used before (tulle), I chose to do this because I keep finding myself being inspired by ballet imagery and dancers.

Fashion design is completely new to me and I have no idea what I’m doing but strangely enough I’m not filled with fear and doubt the way I was when I started my foundation, when I’m zoned in pinning the fabric and dragging it around I feel like my whole self and I feel like this is who I am as a person and what I’m meant to be doing…


I started with a “structure” I made using my leftover calico from a previous project and I feel that this in turn inspired the tulle version, the original idea I had was to make a cute Channel / Audrey Hepburn inspired tulip skirt, but I made something a lot more energetic and “angry”!

I wanted the woman who wore it to look beautiful and “pretty” but still powerful and assertive, and I checked to see if I achieved this by asking people what their opinion would be if they saw a woman wearing it and to my surprise they all said things around the same line!

Fashion design is truly where I shine and feel comfortable/confident, and I will hopefully just get better and better…


pelle mea…

This was when I started my small (A5) brainstorm book, this is where I would quickly note down an idea that came to mind while I was out and I would just scribble it in.

I also done a few “trial” samples inside, this one I done using the Old English stencil and using my red malleable wax, the quote reads “Skin Me”, the inspiration was from a double page in my sketchbook where I showed “blood” and “skin”.

The reason for this macabre-ish phrase is to show, what people are willing to do in the sacrifice ritual in order to get what they want.

This was just a quick rough sample, but I like how raw it is and I really enjoy how the wax dried quite thick on the page, making the “blood” touchable, putting you that much closer to the event that took place.


bleeding page…

When I’m doing the pages in my sketchbook, I want to make each page different than the last one, I want to be as creative as possible and I enjoy including different materials and textures, with my sketchbook I have used, fabric, latex, wax, sand paper, paint etc. I understand that depending on what materials I use it puts forward a different message, this double page I started with the notion of mortality and the human body.

The left page is to symbolize blood, and the soft (fabric) fragility of the human body especially when introduced to something such as Satan himself, since then I have painted into the white page and added red wax to the piece to show drips of “blood”.

The right page is latex form a sample I attempted earlier on, this is the “skin” once its dead, cold and stiff, I still have to decide what I want to do with this page.

I’m glad I’m starting to think differently and outside of the box.



After my light box sample I tried to think of other ways to include text in my project, but obviously I wanted to include the mannequin some how.

Keeping the idea of light in my head I came up with the idea to project the words onto the mannequin somehow, unfortunately we didn’t have a blank wall or the correct projector to do this but I simply put the words into word on the computer and used the electric board to project the words, I stood the mannequin in front of the board and adjusted it to a height and position that I felt it got the most words onto it!

I like the idea of the words being on it without actually being physically attached, it makes the words less physical and gives them a “timeless” feel, something you can’t touch or feel but you can see it and know that its there!


Since I saw the Latin book at the welcome collection, I have been determined to include Latin text in one way or another in my project, after the light sample I made, I decided to buy a stencil to see if I could come up with a few ideas to include some quotes or a piece of Latin text, I have yet to decide what I will do…


discovering a past-time…


I fell in love with this book when I went to the Welcome Collection, they had an extensive library that went up two floors, and around a small dark corner I found this Latin anatomy book and I absolutely loved how everything was played out, how it felt in your hands and the amazing imagery that was used, this was exactly the kind of vibe I was trying to put out in my sketchbook, I loved how because it was Latin it somehow felt foreign and quite mysteriously macabre. Almost as if it were an old Wiccan book, used for rituals.

I bought a stencil to somewhat replicate this font, and hopefully create some interesting samples!