Fashion week!


I actually managed to attend fashion week in February, never would I miss this especially since I missed LCM in January.

The only problem was that with a week left for fashion week I completely forgot, and hadn’t planned any outfits, but I quickly realised that the outfit I wore didn’t matter, I was there to hang out with friends and make new ones.

The first day I went very simple (all black), at first I was quite nervous but I quickly got into the flow of things and started to bump into people I knew from the previous year.


For the first time ever I managed to get into shows!! I actually managed to do at least one/two shows a day in fact; I honestly still can’t believe it.

Day two was the day of the #Skwad, since it was Saturday this was by far the busiest day and probably the most fun! It was nice to just be surrounded by creative people, who love fashion and to play around with clothing it was truly inspiring.


The third day I done all black (again!), it was a quieter day compared to Saturday but it was still nice as some people still came over just to say hi and hit a few shows.


Monday was like the deadest day! Haha you could slowly see the crowds dwindling down, for most part of the day I just wandered around, once it hit around 4pm it got busier and more people showed up.


Tuesday was by far the most pointless day, and this point no-one was there and in fact me and my friend need up going to a gallery and just had a regular day out!




Becoming a designer…

Hey! So I’ve finally started to make my garment!!

It was really fun to mess around with a fabric I had never worked with/used before (tulle), I chose to do this because I keep finding myself being inspired by ballet imagery and dancers.

Fashion design is completely new to me and I have no idea what I’m doing but strangely enough I’m not filled with fear and doubt the way I was when I started my foundation, when I’m zoned in pinning the fabric and dragging it around I feel like my whole self and I feel like this is who I am as a person and what I’m meant to be doing…


I started with a “structure” I made using my leftover calico from a previous project and I feel that this in turn inspired the tulle version, the original idea I had was to make a cute Channel / Audrey Hepburn inspired tulip skirt, but I made something a lot more energetic and “angry”!

I wanted the woman who wore it to look beautiful and “pretty” but still powerful and assertive, and I checked to see if I achieved this by asking people what their opinion would be if they saw a woman wearing it and to my surprise they all said things around the same line!

Fashion design is truly where I shine and feel comfortable/confident, and I will hopefully just get better and better…


barbie samples…

After casting the mannequin with plaster strips for a while I felt it was time for a change, I felt like all my samples were looking the same and the magic was lost, I also felt like the “mood” I was trying to create wasn’t being depicted in the plaster casts and they went telling much of a story.

I then had the idea of using dolls as individual samples and use them as prototypes to what I could possibly do with the life-sized mannequin.

I got a total of 5 dolls, so I could tryout different techniques and methods, but the first thing that had to be done was to remove their heads…

acetate colony…

I liked the acetate sketches so much that I bought some acetate sheets and done a few more sketches linking to my mannequin and my project.

I like the quick scratchy sketches and I like how the sketches on the acetate almost give you an “x-ray” kind of feel, I placed the sheets on a burnt page in my sketchbook, I liked that the burn came through because it creates more of a rustic worn look/effect.


Butterfly Ideas and Samples..

Hi there! As you will probably know by now, I am currently doing a Zoomorphic project at college, and you will also know that I was doing a self-induced project on the perception of butterflies. Since these projects merged so perfectly together I decided to make them one, hence why the butterfly is my chosen animal in focus for this project.

Left page

These were some quick rough sketches I done using the winged shape of the butterfly, since I was planning to create a ‘butterfly dress’ as a final outcome, I was trying to visualize how the wings would look on the human body. I made some obvious choices like the wings on the woman’s back or the gigantic bow on her head, but then I started to think about the pattern (trousers) and the shape of the wing and the figure, it was fun and interesting to do these because it gave me an idea of a possible design I could use, I also realized that only using the top wing would work as a dress. I used different types of mark making to create different effects, I also used two pens in two different colors so I could add the pattern of the butterfly, I attempted shading and drew the wing twice inverting the colors each time to see how that would change the appearance of the wing.

Right page

These are some small samples I made using different materials, I done this because I wanted to change how we see the butterfly and I wanted to find out what mediums and combinations could achieve that, I used ink, wax, pen, cardboard, fabric, thread, oil pastels, canvas and wire. After using the ink and watching it drip down the page it gave me the idea to slightly alter the shape of the wing, almost like a dripping or bleeding wing, this created more of an eerie look, which is exactly what I wanted, these were all done quite quickly as they were all experimental, but again is was enjoyable to do so as it gave me ideas as to what I could do for the final piece. I also scratched into a few of them and experimented with different tones and textures, I cut some out and left others, as they were to see which was more effective!

Life drawing in ink!

I really enjoyed this life drawing class! I was very nervous at first and wasn’t quite sure of what to do, and the fact that I had a naked woman posing in front of me meant that I had to get to work… And fast!

I am not used to life drawing and haven’t done much of it, if at all before I started my foundation course, it can very fun at times to try out different techniques and materials but it can also be frustrating when your final piece doesn’t look anything like the model at all!

When I started with my mark making it was fun and exciting, I even felt proud of some of my pieces but as time went on I felt that I lost motivation and my attention span went with it, because even though ink was my favorite medium to use and I liked the effect it created on the pages (sort of a Chinese ink drawing style). Because it was so messy and unpredictable you are more susceptible to mistakes, this then leads to the figure looking too tall or too wide, and you end up making silly mistakes and mess up the proportions.

I feel that I get very stressed out when the final piece isn’t how I imagined it/ perfect, and this is when I start to pit myself against the other students in the class who have been doing art for several years if not longer, I start to become self conscious and doubt myself..

Because I’ve never done art before I feel that I am at a slight disadvantage when it comes to the rest of the class, but I have to learn to be proud of my work and to always try my best, because in life you will always find someone who is better than you, but just because someone does something better than you, it doesn’t mean that it still isn’t worth doing and trying out yourself!

Hahah so long story short ink drawing was fun! Just don’t wear nice clothes because it drips EVERYWHERE!!! hahahah