Outfit of the day: Casually sophisticated…

I really enjoyed this quick simple, last minute outfit!


The top I had bought the previous day, and I liked how it was casual but still somewhat structured so that I still looked clean and polished. I went for this green color because I usually tend to go safe and stick to the blacks, greys and navy blues, but I thought getting the green one would give it a little twist. Especially since it’s obviously on trend as I keep seeing it everywhere in stores.

This outfit was simple yet affective because it gave me presence without it being over the top and “LOOK AT ME!!” ish. I felt it let me be playful and casual but at the same time I could switch and take on a more serious tone and get to business.


Shoes: Zara   Trousers: Zara Italia   Tee-shirt: River Island   Necklace: River Island