Boys in Crop tops…

So summer is approaching and usually this is a season where women ‘bare it all’ but now with our, ‘DIY Vintage fashion’ guys are starting to be more daring with their outfits and are starting to adopt fashion trends that girls usually follow!

We are seeing more colour in mens clothing, more embroidery and decorative fashion, some even opt to just wearing female clothing all together!

So it’s becoming more and more mainstream for guys to dress more adventurous, but something that is starting to make an appearance is crop tops!!

I myself have always wanted to walk around in a crop top day after day but have never felt confident enough to do so, but now that I’m starting to be more myself and I’m starting to care less and less about the opinions of others I’ve decided to try it out momentarily.

                  IMG_5496 IMG_1649

Men in crop tops isn’t a new thing as most of us will know, this is something that has been around since before the 90s and most of us will remember things like Will Smith in Fresh Prince wearing crop tops to play ball or around the house.

    1020  crop2

Men in crop tops is also something that we have seen in ‘High Fashion’ in shows such as the Calvin Klein Collection Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear Collection (above) and in an Astrid Anderson show (below), where the looks were more ‘extreme’

     wpid-jw-anderson-crop-top-h724 wpid-astrid-anderson-crop-top-h724

Hopefully we will see more and more of this!!! Show off that sexy mid-drift!!!

Becoming a designer…

Hey! So I’ve finally started to make my garment!!

It was really fun to mess around with a fabric I had never worked with/used before (tulle), I chose to do this because I keep finding myself being inspired by ballet imagery and dancers.

Fashion design is completely new to me and I have no idea what I’m doing but strangely enough I’m not filled with fear and doubt the way I was when I started my foundation, when I’m zoned in pinning the fabric and dragging it around I feel like my whole self and I feel like this is who I am as a person and what I’m meant to be doing…


I started with a “structure” I made using my leftover calico from a previous project and I feel that this in turn inspired the tulle version, the original idea I had was to make a cute Channel / Audrey Hepburn inspired tulip skirt, but I made something a lot more energetic and “angry”!

I wanted the woman who wore it to look beautiful and “pretty” but still powerful and assertive, and I checked to see if I achieved this by asking people what their opinion would be if they saw a woman wearing it and to my surprise they all said things around the same line!

Fashion design is truly where I shine and feel comfortable/confident, and I will hopefully just get better and better…


look through the broken glass…

This is a double page in my sketchbook! I wanted to find a way to make it more raw and “interactive” so I decided to draw on broken glass with permanent marker!


I decided to use broken glass to draw the images of the naked women because I wanted to symbolize how sexuality can be dangerous and can be used to cause harm and hurt people, that’s why if you try to touch the naked women in the glass you’re likely to cut your self. This makes sex dangerous to a point where it can even draw out blood.


sketchbook imagery…


This is the imagery that I have so far, and I plan on using them in my sketchbook, the majority if not all are “Fashion photography” but they give off the look and feel that I want in my sketchbook, I think I will cut and paste them about and possibly make a few collages to create a different “mood” or “vibe”.

I guess you could say that it is quite morbid to mix death with sex (the naked women) but I’m doing this because I have to show that with everything that I do, I am constantly keeping the mannequin in mind and also what I want to put forward in my project, and since my mannequin is a naked woman I need to represent this in my book!