struggling without a head…

Because I have wanted to keep the body of the mannequin intact I have found it quite difficult to morph it and make it into something dark and twisted, a lot of the times I wish that it had a head because at least this way it would be easier to manipulate, since I could create expressions or decapitate the mannequin and smash the head to pieces. I don’t want to give up with the body and get a head, but if I can’t think of anything I might have to!

Just simply adding this skull onto the mannequin already makes you feel like it’s walking the thin line between life and death…



I liked the acetate sketches a lot but I wanted to do something that linked but was somehow different, I wanted them to look similar but I still wanted people to differentiate between them.

So I came up with the idea to use white ink on a clear plastic sheet! I liked that the plastic was sturdier than the acetate and I liked that it wasn’t something that you could easily smudge off or damage by simply bending it or “scrunching” it up.

But because I did use a different material this mean that the “mood” of the sample was different, because when I made the acetate sketches I admired the “x-ray” look and feel they had to them, but the plastic sheet had none of that, it had more of a clean cut feel and it didn’t give off the same macabre ancient history vibe.

I experimented with it layering it over different images to see if I found a portrait that would match the skull, to symbolize and show “the thin line between life and death”