Becoming a designer…

Hey! So I’ve finally started to make my garment!!

It was really fun to mess around with a fabric I had never worked with/used before (tulle), I chose to do this because I keep finding myself being inspired by ballet imagery and dancers.

Fashion design is completely new to me and I have no idea what I’m doing but strangely enough I’m not filled with fear and doubt the way I was when I started my foundation, when I’m zoned in pinning the fabric and dragging it around I feel like my whole self and I feel like this is who I am as a person and what I’m meant to be doing…


I started with a “structure” I made using my leftover calico from a previous project and I feel that this in turn inspired the tulle version, the original idea I had was to make a cute Channel / Audrey Hepburn inspired tulip skirt, but I made something a lot more energetic and “angry”!

I wanted the woman who wore it to look beautiful and “pretty” but still powerful and assertive, and I checked to see if I achieved this by asking people what their opinion would be if they saw a woman wearing it and to my surprise they all said things around the same line!

Fashion design is truly where I shine and feel comfortable/confident, and I will hopefully just get better and better…


Starting University

So I recently started University in September (the day after Fashion Week). I made the mistake of thinking since I was going to an “art only campus” that it would basically be like Hogwarts and it would be this magical creative space where everyone was just the friendliest most crazy people!

Unfortunately I forgot that not everyone who goes to an art school is necessarily an artists, people go to uni for all kinds of reasons and sometimes pick subjects they aren’t passionate about.

Even though it was slightly difficult at the beginning I’m slowly starting to realize my potential and I’m starting to figure out exactly what I want to do in this world! Even though its very much early days I’m happy with my choice of course and campus and I feel I can really thrive in this environment.

Even though there are like a hundred different people who don’t think much of me and want me to fail instead of letting this destroy me inside like it used to, I use this as an excuse to work harder and be more ambitious with my projects!

Even though I may not have many skills as of yet, I am hopeful for the future and I know that as long as I give it my all and work hard, I can do anything I want!