Fashion week…


Hat: Asos   Jacket: Bershka   T-shirt: BooHoo   Trousers: UniPlay

So obviously I went to fashion week in September!! But I only went for two days (Saturday & Sunday) but it was suuuppperrr fun! Met a lot of amazing people and got to just slay the day away for the weekend.

For the first day I decided to keep it quite monochrome and simple, but I still wanted to make a statement so I wore a mesh white top and a wide brimmed fedora, just to tszuj things up a bit.


Jacket: Rokit Vintage (+ personalised)   Jeans: H&M

For the second day I wanted to dial it back since the first day was quite a strong “I have arrived” look I wanted to soften it and do light colours to contrast the previous day!

So I decided to just wear some distressed jeans, a white t-shirt and this denim jacket that me and my friend personalised (she done the embroidery) it was something really chill, but once people noticed the back of the jacket they loved it!

Overall it was a fun experience and I’m very happy that I went, I am hoping I can visit them with more frequency and make some more fashion friends!!

Outfit Of The Day: Vintage Queen…

I love to edge up my look sometimes, especially since I’m an art and design student I feel it’s my responsibility to be brave and slay at all times (lol).

I love getting vintage items, especially those that call back to the 90’s… I love the 90’s because I feel that this was a time of complete expressional freedom, where you wore what the hell you wanted how the hell you wanted! And nowadays I feel that too many people are too afraid to take risks and enjoy themselves! So I’m just showing them how it’s done.

This will forever be one of my most favorite outfits!


Vest: New Look   Dungarees: Rokit Vintage   Shirt: Blitz London   Flannel: Zara